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Total Stations 

Experience the unparalleled value of GeoMax total stations, striking the perfect balance between affordability and performance without any compromise on quality. Choose from our manual and robotic total stations, each designed to meet your unique needs. If you have a specific requirement in mind, don't hesitate to contact us for a customised solution tailored to your needs. Elevate your surveying experience with GeoMax.


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GeoMax Zoom40, 5" WinCE Manual Total Station, neXus5 Reflector- and 500 m reflectorless EDM, 1 full alphanumeric keyboard with Q-VGA Color & Touch display, USB and USB Mini communication port, 1 USB Memory Stick, 1 Tribrach, 1 Battery, 1


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The Zoom75 robotic TPS is a smart, affordable choice for both novice and experienced surveyors. As a reliable one-person total station, the Zoom75 has an optional long-range Bluetooth handle, along with the GeoTRAil function that finds your prism based on the GNSS position transferred from your field controller.

Zoom95, A5, 5" Package

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It is a fully robotictotal station with STReAM360 technology. The Zoom95 finds, locks and traces the prism fast thanks to:

Scout: Vertical laser fan is emitted from the rotating instrument. As soon as reflections from a prism are received, the Zoom95 accurately aims towards this prism.

TRack: The target is being continuously tracked. Once locked onto, the instrument remains accurately aimed even on fast moving targets.

AiM: The Zoom95 aims accurately at any prism, without the need to look through the telescope.

Zoom95 is a Fully Robotic WinCE Total Station with AiM360, TRack360 and Scout360, 5", accXess5 EDM, NavLight, alphanumeric keyboard with VGA colour & touch display, long Range Bluetooth Handle interface, internal Bluetooth, USB port, SD Card slot, Quick Guide and shipping case. ZBA400, Li-Ion Battery 4.4Ah ZCH201 Charger for ZBA201 & ZBA400 Li-Ion batteries ZTR101 Standard Tribrach without optical plummet, black

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