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X-PAD Software 

GeoMax software is developed to enhance the ease and flexibility of your daily work. Its versatility allows you to craft unique workflows, maximizing your efficiency both in the field and the office. Unleash the full potential of your operations with GeoMax software, designed to streamline and optimize your work processes seamlessly.

X-PAD 365

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One platform, endless services.
With X-PAD 365, the GeoMax cloud platform, you can effortlessly complete all your surveying tasks in one user-friendly tool. Effectively manage your data and assets from any location, communicate in real-time, and stay connected every day of the year, ensuring seamless operations throughout.

Benefits of X-PAD 365:
File Manager
X-PAD 365 provides a File Manager giving you one place to store, share and edit your data. The File Manager is a bridge between office and field. Connect your company's X-PAD users, giving them access to the data they need anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Collaborative Survey and Stakeout
This allows you to work on the same surveying project, share surveyed points and drawings or work on a shared large stakeout project and see the progress in real-time.

Automatic and manual backups
X-PAD 365 is your safety net providing automatic and manual backups for your X-PAD Ultimate data and settings. In case your device gets stolen or damaged, your backup is always safe in the File Manager.

X-PAD Fusion

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X-PAD Office Fusion is a desktop software integrating geospatial data from TPS, GNSS, scanners and other sensors in a single environment.

Different to other software solutions in the market with X-PAD Office Fusion we offer our customers one software solution that manages measurements, coordinates, drawings, point clouds and other types of data in ONE platform in a simple and intuitive way. We help you get started immediately with our interactive tutorials that guide you through the whole workflow to create even more ease of use.

X-TOPO module
GNSS Post-Processing module
BIM Connect module

X-PAD Ultimate

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X-PAD Ultimate Survey has the right modules for land and construction surveyors. Start your set-up with the main modules and add additional options to customise your solutions to your needs.
Main modules are:
TPS Manual
Super Premium

Additional Models are:
Robotic TPS
Build Extension

Software Firmware:
X-PERT gives you access to service packs and major updates. Starting with the activation date of the licence, the first year is free of charge and is included in the purchase of X-PAD Ultimate.

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