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FARO Laser Scanners

Focus Premium delivers unparalleled reality capturing capabilities. Its exceptional efficiency, high data quality, and accuracy make it an invaluable tool for both land surveyors and construction professionals. With the ability to maintain data quality at faster scan speeds, completing scans in as little as 1 minute, it significantly reduces onsite scanning time by up to 50%. The enhanced loading and system response further contribute to greater data management efficiency, especially when combined with the innovative FARO Stream mobile app and seamlessly uploaded to the new FARO Sphere cloud-based collaboration platform.

FARO Orbis .png

FARO Orbis Mobile Scanner

FARO Orbis is the all-in-one mobile laser scanner with integrated stationary scanning, powered by FARO FLASH technology™

FARO Focus Premium 350

The FARO Focus Premium Laser Scanner is the fastest, most accurate and most data-sharing-enabled scanner on the market to date.

FARO 350.png
FARO 150.png

FARO Focus Premium 150

Focus Premium provides exceptional 3D capturing efficiency, data quality and accuracy for professional applications.

FARO Focus Premium 70

FARO laser scanners offer accuracy, speed and connectivity along with Flash Technology and its software and cloud-based solutions.

FARO 70.png
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