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Laser Rotators

Explore our range of GeoMax and Topcon automatic and semi-automatic grade laser levels, designed for effortless operation and exceptional reliability on every construction site. Our laser levels offer user-friendly features that make them easy to use, ensuring precision and efficiency in your projects. 

TOPCON RL-H5A rotating laser level c/w rechargeable battery pack with AD-17 charger

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• General elevation control
• Checking and setting elevations for small to medium job sites
• Leveling forms and footers
• Estimating cut and fills
• Excavations
• Basic slopes for driveways and ramps

• RL-H5A Laser
• LS-80L or LS-100D receiver
• Receiver bracket
• NiMH rechargeable battery pack
• Battery charger
• Carry case

Technical data:
• Accuracy: ±10 arc seconds
• Self-Leveling Range: Horizontal ±5°
• Working Area: 800 m
• Rotation Speed: 600 RPM
• Dust/Water Rating: IP66
• Operating Time: Alkaline – 100 hours / NiMH – 60 hours
• Operating Temp: -20ºC to 50ºC
• Size (H x W x L): 205 x 211 x 172 mm

GeoMax ZONE60 DG dual grade laser level

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835240 Zone60 DG Fully automatic dual slope laser
835242 Charger for Zone lasers
835243 Li-Ion battery pack for Zone20/40/60
835245 ZRC60 Remote for Zone60DG/80DG
835248 ZRD105 digital receiver

GeoMax Zone20 H Horizontal laser level

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835251 Zone20 H Horizontal rotating laser w/manual slope
835242 Charger for Zone lasers
835243 Li-Ion battery pack for Zone20/40/60
835248 ZRD105 digital receiver

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