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Experience N4CE Software offers a suite of solutions tailored to the specific needs of land surveyors and construction professionals. With three distinct product types: n4ce Lite, n4ce Professional, and n4ce Designer.

N4ce Lite

Prices From (Excl VAT)

£1550 perpetual

n4ce Lite is our entry level system, built on the same platform as Professional and Designer editions. It is limited only by its functionality, which may be more than adequate for most users needs. All your survey processing needs are provided, including traverse adjustment, reduction, least squares network adjustment and error reporting. A code table converts your infield feature coding into graphical elements.

The user interface has been carefully designed to make data access and editing a breeze. A project tree identifies different data types, in multiple folders. Most data can be viewed and edited in either spreadsheet or multiple graphics form, with ripple through updates. Twin screens are a must!

Models form the basis for graphical editing and the creation of DTMs, which are used to form contours, sections and prismoidal volumes, including isopachytes. Reports and tables present the results, and an interective 3D viewer is available for visualising draped models.

Pre-prepared drawing templates allow the placing of view ports for model space detail, including backcloths. Paper space exists for final presentations, encompassing title boxes and survey legends.

N4ce Design

Prices From (Excl VAT)

£3,850 perpetual

Whist n4ce Professional more than satisfies most users needs, the n4ce Designer edition introduces advanced user tools for geological modelling, alignments, rail surveys, LiDAR modelling and point cloud editing.

The point cloud tools are extended within n4ce Designer, to include sectioning. This is useful when working with elevations, as points can be isolated and height shaded, based on distance from the sectioning plane. Shapes can also be automatically recognised in sectioning planes, such as circles.

LiDAR models allow n4ce to work with mass data for contours, sections and volumes. n4ce Designer provides tools for editing these models, including updating grid levels with ground survey data. LiDAR grids can be generated from point clouds. The point cloud engine can be used to bring in mass LiDAR data, so isolated areas can be identified, and points exported to a smaller LiDAR model for further processing.

Alignments are introduced with n4ce Designer, allowing the creation and I/O of both horizontal and vertical alignments. Simple carriageways can be designed, with both super elevation and road widening.

N4ce Professional

Prices From (Excl VAT)

£2725 perpetual

n4ce Professional introduces the user to more powerful editing and design tools, including bench and battering, densifying and filtering strings, additional sectioning and volume options, just to name a few. A river sections option can automaticaly generate cross and long sections from base lines. Exports are available for Hec-Ras and ISIS.

A List selection can identify model points or CAD elements, for selective editing using masks. This is used when identifing overlapping height text based on coded priorities, removing them at the click of a button. Text editing in models has enhanced tools such as slide and rotate, and string flipping.

Partitions in CAD and models, allow the creation of sub drawings and key plans, using a drawing template with a viewport. These can be exported to AutoCAD as multiple layouts, using both model and paper space.

Point cloud processing is introduced with Professional, providing tools to digitise detail and generate coded features. The 3D viewing platform mixes point cloud and vector data, allowing you to generate recorded fly-throughs.

The additional functionality provided with Professional will improve your productivity, as each menu has time saving expended choices.

A simpler UI version of n4ce Professional is available for Police needs, called n4ce Police RTI.

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