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Vintage & Retro Surveying Equipment  

Explore our collection of vintage and retro surveying equipment.


Each piece is open for negotiation, allowing you the freedom to 'Make Us An Offer' without predetermined prices.

Vintage & Retro Surveying Equipment packages 
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GPS Leica System 1200

Used for Survey Control and Topographical Surveys

(with Batteries and Charger)

£1000 +VAT

Geodimeter 136

Used for Topographic Surveys and Control downloaded to a Geodat

with Targets and a Detail Pole.

£500 +VAT

Leica TC1610 Theodolite

Used mainly for Control Surveys and Tunnel Monitoring

Downloaded to Wild GIF10

(with Batteries / Charger / Retro Target Lens)

£1000 +VAT

T2 Optical Theodolite / ZNL Optical Plummet / Targets

This Theodolite is used with Optical Plumb and Targets along with "Precise Banding" techniques for Control and Machinery alignment and installation on the Thames Barrier Project.

Subsequently on Steelwork Installation work.

Has an EDM Bracket attachment.

Leica T2                              £450 + VAT

ZNL plummet                     £500 + VAT

Various Levels

Wild N10 - Split Bubble Level

Wild NK2 - Split Bubble Level

Leica NA24 - Automatic Compensator Level

Wild NA2 Level + Parallel Plate Micrometer

Automatic Compensator with Precise Levelling Staves

for use with the PPM on Monitoring Projects.

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