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GeoMax X-PAD Ultimate Software: compatible with Android

X-PAD Ultimate Software from GeoMax part of Hexagon

GeoMax X-PAD Ultimate Software seamlessly blends state-of-the-art technology with user-friendly design and is compatible with most Android devices. This offers construction and land surveyors precision, efficiency, and adaptability. 

The X-PAD Ultimate software comprises four main modules:

1. GNSS Module

This module uses Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) to provide accurate positioning and data collection. Surveyors can rely on precise location information for tasks ranging from topographic mapping to boundary surveying to recording static data for control.

2. TPS Manual Module

Total Station (TPS) Manual functionality allows surveyors to control and operate total stations with ease. This module enhances efficiency in angle and distance measurements, enabling users to streamline their workflow during construction layout and site preparation. Use this module to have all of the power of X-PAD, including all CAD, Surfaces & Volumes and Stakeout functions, with a cost effective non-robotic total station.

3. Premium Module

The Premium module is an exclusive bundle of all the modules, listed above, that are used most in the field. It includes GNSS, TPS and Robotic TPS. Use this module to have all of the power of X-PAD, including all CAD, Surfaces & Volumes and Stakeout functions, with a time saving robotic total station. It has additional data management tools, catering to the demands of intricate projects.

4. Super Premium Module

This includes everything the Premium bundle offers, with additional modules: GNSS, TPS, Robotic TPS, Build Extension, Road, Volume, X-POLE, GIS, BIM and LOCATORS.

This is the perfect choice for professionals engaged in large-scale construction and infrastructure projects.

Customisation for Maximum Efficiency

One of the standout features of GeoMax X-PAD Ultimate Software is its flexibility. Users have the option to customise their solutions by adding additional modules that align with their specific needs. This adaptability ensures that the software can evolve alongside the diverse requirements of construction and land surveyors. Email data to yourself or save/copy to your cloud account directly from the software - no more data cards required to get corrupted!

Additional modules are:

  • Robotic TPS

  • Volume

  • Bathymetric

  • Road

  • X-POLE

  • GIS

  • Locator 

  • BIM

  • Build Extension 

  • MEP

GeoMax X-PAD software offers two services packages: 

X-PAD Ultimate Shield 

This service includes software maintenance and will always come free of charge.

X-PAD Ultimate X-PERT

X-PERT gives you access to service packs and major updates. Starting with the activation date of the license, the first year is free of charge and is included in the purchase of X-PAD Ultimate. 

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