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The UT12 controller combined with X-PAD Ultimate software is the ideal solution for land surveyors

The UT12 controller combined with X-PAD Ultimate software is considered the ideal solution for land surveyors due to several reasons:

Multi view of the UT12 Android controller with X-PAD Ultimate software for land surveyors
UT12 Controller running X-PAD Ultimate Software


The UT12 controller is a rugged and reliable device specifically designed for outdoor use. It features a large, sunlight-readable touchscreen and a variety of physical buttons for easy interaction. It can be used in various weather conditions and challenging environments. When combined with the X-PAD Ultimate software, it provides a comprehensive and versatile toolset for land surveying tasks.

Seamless Integration

The UT12 controller seamlessly integrates with the X-PAD Ultimate software, creating a unified and efficient workflow for land surveyors. The software is specifically developed for surveying applications and offers a wide range of features and tools, such as data collection, stakeout, coordinate geometry calculations, mapping, and CAD functionality. The combination of the UT12 controller and X-PAD Ultimate software ensures a smooth and intuitive user experience.

Real-time Data Management

Land surveyors often need to collect and manage large amounts of data in real time. The UT12 controller, along with the X-PAD Ultimate software, provides robust data management capabilities. It allows surveyors to capture field measurements, record observations, and store data directly on the device. X-PAD 365 software facilitates data synchronisation between the field and office, enabling seamless collaboration and efficient data processing.

Accuracy and Precision

Land surveying requires high levels of accuracy and precision. The UT12 controller supports various positioning technologies, such as GPS, GNSS, and total stations, ensuring accurate data acquisition. The X-PAD Ultimate software offers advanced data processing capabilities, allowing surveyors to perform precise calculations, adjust measurements, and generate accurate survey reports.

Customisation and Extensibility

Every land surveying project has unique requirements, and the UT12 controller with X-PAD Ultimate software provides flexibility and customisation options to meet these needs. The software offers customisable workflows, user interfaces, and report templates. It also supports integration with other surveying instruments and external devices, enhancing its functionality and expanding its capabilities.

This package provides land surveyors with a comprehensive and efficient solution for their surveying tasks. Its ruggedness, versatility, seamless integration, real-time data management, accuracy, precision, and customisation options make it the ideal choice for professionals in the field of land surveying.

For more information download the catalogue or contact us to discuss your project.

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