‘RTK Data Link Down…’

  • How many times do you see this on your network GPS RTK rover during a day’s work?
  • How long does it take you to get a phase solution fix?
  • How many times are you standing around waiting? Adding minutes or hours to your day.
  • Or does it not a get a fix at all?
  • These are probably the most common complaints about using a network RTK rover. Even when the user believes they are in a ‘good visibility’ area where they believe the equipment should be able to get a fixed solution.
  • The best available answer at the moment is to give the equipment the best chance of succeeding – and this points to the comms performance given by the GSM modem being used. A 4G device will be your solution for most of these issues. This has the bandwidth to handle and process the data being received.
  • So if you are frustrated with the performance of your RTK rover we can offer you an  answer – any 4G Android device of your choice, running X-Pad GNSS Field software, using a Geomax Zenith 16/35/40 receiver. You will be very pleasantly surprised with what you see.
New prices for a complete Rover setup start from £6995.00 + vat Or hire from £200.00 + vat per week
  • If you want to see this in action and would like to have a demonstration please contact ‘[email protected]’ to arrange this.
You have nothing to lose, except half an hour of your life maybe, but what you can get from seeing this in action is immeasurable… 🙂