Leica TS15 P 5″ R400 Total Station c/w CS15 Controller

Sale Price: £6,950.00 excl. vat


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Kit Listing:
  • TS15 P 5″ R400, total station with PS
  • GDF121, Tribrach PRO, w/o opt. plummet
  • GEB221, Battery int. Li-Ion x 2
  • RH16  BT Radio Handle
  • CS15 Field Controller
  • CTR16 Radio Endcap
  • GHT62 Holder plate for CS field controller
  • GHT63 Pole clamp for attaching GHT
  • GEB212, Battery internal Li-Ion x 2
  • GZR4 360 Deg prism
  • SmartWorx Viva CS Reference Line app
  • SmartWorx Viva CS DTM Stakeout app
  • SmartWorx Viva CS Surface & Volumes app
  • 3 Month warranty
  • This equipment will be ready 1 week from order – so if you would like to reserve this please contact ‘[email protected]’ to do so.