Digital Levelling Suite

Sale Price: £250.00 excl. vat

The Digital Levelling Suite program has been designed in conjunction with Land Surveyors who use the Leica LS10/15, DNA and SPRINTER levels on a day to day basis.

It has been designed to overcome some of the short falls with the Leica LS10/15, DNA and SPRINTER software, to allow easy conversion from the raw data file to a standard Levelling Book format.

The software has been designed on the Microsoft Excel platform, thus giving the user the advantage of the Microsoft Excel interface which most surveyors will already be familiar with.

Provided with this software is the format file required to be loaded into the Leica LS10/15, DNA and SPRINTER, and instructions on how to accomplish this.

Features Include:

  • Seamless data import
  • Uses MS Excel
  • All spreadsheets have your company logo, colours & details
  • Produces familiar Level Book format
  • Spreadsheets all formulated
  • Merge level lines together for network levelling
  • QA checks on each sheet
  • Data ready to print & send to client in minutes
  • Export adjusted data to 3rd party software


Features Include:
  • Sprinter Only Version – £250.00
  • DNA03/LS15 Only Version – £300.00
  • Sprinter/DNA03/LS15 Version – £350.00