Cedar CP3 5.5″ Android Controller for X-Pad – TPS & GNSS

Sale Price: £540.00 excl. vat

The CP3 is a 5.5″ 4G Smart Phone/tablet that is a perfect fit for Geomax’s X-Pad software – both as a TPS controller and as a GPS controller. The HD screen, sunlight viewable display & capacitive touch panel make for a user friendly device to control your TS or GS instrument. This device is waterproof and comes with a ‘floatation case’ which ensures the device does not sink in water!


X_PAD Ultimate Survey modules to add to CP3:
  • GNSS
  • TPS
  • Robotic
  • X-Pole
  • BIM
  • Volumes & Surfaces
  • Roading
  • GIS
  • Automeasuring TPS
  • Build Extension
  • PicPoint
  • Bathymetry
  • Locators
Module prices start from £945.00 + vat X-PAD Ultimate BRO 876854 1018 LR