46-MP GOECKE Monitoring-Prism Ø 25 mm – Refurbished

Sale Price: £49.00 excl. vat


Robust low cost mini prism with plastic swivel holder. This prism is well proven for measuring the deformation of buildings and their environment; even with automatic aiming. Leica prism constant (offset) of +0.0 Many available. Target distance 46-MP:     approx. 500m Target distance 46-MP38: approx. 1,000m Grinding accuracy:    < 5“ Recording:    12mm socket (LEICA compatible) Tilt-axis height:     86mm Offset 46-MP:    -16,9mm (Leica +17,5mm) Offset 46-MP38:    -34,4mm (Leica 0mm)ound 500 meters (46-MP) and 1,000 m (46-MP38).